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Securing Rings and Pins
Securing Rings and Pins Securing rings and pins are what are used to secure hanging pieces of decoration (e.g. crystal pieces) to our light fixtures, either directly to a part of the chandelier or to another piece of crystal. There are two main types either the ring connector or the pin connector. There are no hard and fast rules describing when and where to use each product, as it does depend on what you are trying to hang.

The straight pins can be used directly to hang something or it is possible to create a hanging loop (by curling the pin into something like a 'pigs tail') to give you something to hang pieces using the securing rings - pieces are often hung from drip trays or boboches using this method. To do this insert the head of the pin through one of the holes around the edge of the drip tray so that the head is on the inside and wrap/curl the end of the pin on the outside of the drip tray or boboche into the 'pig tail'. Crystal can then be secured to this with the securing rings.

The rings are like a fine key-ring and are quick and easy to use. Being quite delicate, they may be the choice when connecting smaller crystals, using the butterfly pins to connect larger pieces of crystal. However, you can usually use most types of pin in a scenario - it is just a matter of either matching to what is already on a crystal chandelier if renovating or repairing a chandelier or of personal taste. Our pins are available in a variety of finishes including gold, silver and chrome.

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