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A glossary of common lighting terms.

Click on the term for a definition.


Sometimes known as a branch, the arm is the light bearing part of the chandelier.

Arm Plate

The metal plate found on the stem, into which the arms slot.


Bag is a style of chandelier where crystal strings are hung from a frame and looped back into the centre underneath.

A few examples of our Bag chandeliers are our XC172, XC189, XC192, XC200, XC201, XC202, XC204, XC210, XC211, and XC213.


A stem which has alternating narrow and bulbous parts with varying widths.


A drop which has had a hole drilled through it, for example take a look at our SPXC7, SPXC16-G and SPXC36.


Traditionally used to catch drips of wax, the bobeche or drip tray is now a decorative dish fitted just below the bulb.


Another term for Arm.


The traditional term for decorative candlesticks which are usually branched and hold a light on each arm. They are designed to stand on tables.

A few examples of Candelabra are our HY380, HY381 and HY383.

Candle Nozzle

The cup which holds the candle.


A shallow dish found at the top of a chandelier, the canopy often has beads strung from it providing a decorative feature to the top of the light.


Glass with a lead contect that has a higher index of refraction than glass giving it greater sparkle and clarity.

Take a look at our selection of coloured and clear crystal pieces here.

Drip Tray

Traditionally used to catch drips of wax, the drip tray or bobeche is now a decorative dish fitted just below the bulb.


A piece of crystal or glass that has been cut into a decorative shape and with a hole drilled into one end so it can be hung from the chandelier. A chain drop will have a hole drilled at both the top and bottom to link to other drops.


An arrangement of drops or beads draped and hung accross or down a chandelier.


The final decorative flourish at the very bottom of the stem of a chandelier. Some Murano chandeliers have small finials hanging from glass rings on the arms.


A long glass or crystal drop which tapers to a point at the end.

Marie Therese

A traditional French style crystal chandelier.

A few examples of Marie Therese chandeliers are our HY392, ML791, XC343, XC344, XC355, XC359, XC364, XC386 and XC400.

Murano Glass

Glass which has been produced on the Venetian Island of Murano. During the past 700 years glass produced in Murano has been recognised as some of the finest glass in the world. The classic Murano glass chandelier is a metal frame covered with glass and intricately decorated with flowers and leaves in clear and coloured glass. Today, however, the styles and designs you can find these chandeliers in is almost limitless.

We offer both authentic Murano Glass chandeliers and Murano Style chandeliers, inspired by the great glassmakers of Venice.


A straight, many sided drop that has a hole drilled at one end so that it can be hung from a chandelier.

A few examples of crystal prisms are our SPXC20-A, SPXC20-S and SPXC34-S.


Sconces imitate the traditional way of lighting a room by placing burning torches on the walls. The light from sconces is usually directed upwards and they are often used in hallways or long corridors.


The central support of a chandelier to which the arms and decorative features may be attached.


Another term for a Murano chandelier, they are modelled after or manufactured by glass blowers on the Island of Murano in Venice.

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