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Bonds, as a company, offer far more than just lighting products, which we would like to introduce you to.

Our main departments are:

Bonds Garages and Sheds

Bonds Garages and Sheds specialises in the manufacture and supply of steel buildings. All our buildings are manufactured in the UK by a highly skilled team. We use standard British steel and will deliver your building to you within 35 days of you placing your order.

You can find a selection of our top quality products on our website, but our range is effectively limitless, anything you need in steel we can make it for you, from dog pens and rabbit hutches to double garages and aircraft hangers!

Full assembly and erection guidelines are supplied, and our site includes directions and guidance on the foundation required and how to lay it. Find out more...

Bonds Hoists

Bonds Hoists offer an extensive range of hoists that are suitable for almost any area! Initially specifically designed for the lighting market to help with chandelier maintenance, our hoists have the unique ability of powering fittings when in its fully raised state but now powering them when lowered – allowing safe maintenance, cleaning and bulb changing  by untrained individuals, key in today’s health and safety conscious society.

Since bringing this product to market however, uses for it have exploded, with the units being used in many high street stores, airports and other public and national building for uses relating to shop and museum displays, sales promotions and security.

All our products are available worldwide. Stock products are usually shipped within 3 working days and specials are shipped within 2 weeks. Find out more...

Bonds Plaster Mouldings

Offering high quality products is a company practice that runs throughout all our retail concerns, and our plaster mouldings are no exception. As usual, we have taken the care to carefully select a product which truly is of exceptional quality. We have visited numerous suppliers of gypsum plaster mouldings, we have inspected several key competitors’ selections and we have tried out their service and we can safely say that we have never found a match to our level of service and quality of product.

Our decorative plaster mouldings are fireproof, mould and worm resistant, moisture proof, sound and heat insulators, offer excellent constructive performance and are recommended as a green environment-friendly product and also have a crisp finish that you will find is lacking in other materials. We ship all order within 3 working days and have a range that includes coving/cornice, ceiling roses, corbels, floor and ceiling panels, motifs, columns and plaques. Find out more...


You will find a massive selection of DIY and home improvement products on, including adhesives, blades, screws, hardware, door furniture and drill bits. Our DIY and home improvement products will be shipped to you within 4 working days and we offer a range of delivery services to ensure you get your order exactly when you need it!

We are constantly expanding our ranges and introducing new products, ensuring is the one stop shop that has everything you need! Find out more...

Machines Tools and Spares

We sell a large range of industrial machines including CNC lathes, hydraulic iron workers, swing beam shears, press brakes and gear head lathes. All our machines come with free delivery, an offloading and commissioning service and one full years service contract which includes two service visits and six month intervals. Find out more...

The House of Silk

We deal in pure silk, silk blends and polyester silk garments, offering clothes that combine a beautiful, timeless style with real, affordable luxury.

We sell a huge selection of 100% pure silk underwear, nightwear, casual wear and scarves for both Men and Women. Our 100% silk is also available in beautiful ranges of both knitted silk and satin silk so you will be sure to find something perfect for you!

We also have new ranges of silk blends and polyester satin products in stock, including stunning kimonos with some wonderfully intricate embroidery all made using the finest quality materials. These fantastic kimonos offer the soft appearance and luster of silk but at a more economical price.

We offer free global shipping on all our products and your order will be dispatched either the day you place your order or the next working day! So when you order with us there is no delay in getting your silk goods!

Our silk clothing range includes pyjamas, robes, nighties, dressing gowns, baby dolls, thongs, boxers, g-strings, t-shirts, camisoles, silk pictures, wine bottle covers and much, much more! Find out more...

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